viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

Google branding subtle changes

It is said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", from ancient Greeks to Shakespeare and then to Martin Amis in "London Fields"; the concept is used again and again. A couple of days ago many people noticed a small change in their browsers: Google has a new favicon. A favicon is a small image that is generally used to reflect the identity of a web site. You can find it in the address bar, in your browser's tabs, or in the list of bookmarks. A favicon must be catchy: the 16x16 pixels image must not only reflect the brand, but impulse your mouse there.

Google´s preceding icon was rather difficult to recognize (light blue, weak, not very impressive). The new favicon is much more colorful and shocking, but Google´s announcement goes beyond: "We tried in total more than 300 permutations (see the image). It was much harder than we thought at first (...) and if you have some suggestions for Google's favicon, send them here." So Google is not happy yet with this brand new favicon. Many beholders watching the screen, perhaps? Too many contradictory brand tests, should I guess?

So there´s a long way to go to reach beauty, or awareness in this case. Even in small screen areas or in huge companies. A more cheerful approach: check the Favicons Million Dollar Homepage (motto: "favicons together are the dna of Internet"), send your favicon, and your 1,00o dollars contribution.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

I like the oldest one, that of the big G.

dcs dijo...

The rationale is awesome. Google may spend a couple of millions of dollars rising the awareness of this favicon and this can be worthless if users just don´t connect a simple thing like hovering a mouse over a tiny pic with a brand. Awareness is the name of the game.

dcs dijo...

two months later my eyes don´t go quickly to find Google into the bar.
So basically, it doesn´t work at all!