martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

TED - Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz is a widely known psychologist. His field or research is the paradox that more choices and better quality of life are not roughly correlated. In his view the real problem these days with the so-called crisis has more to do with a momentary loss of wisdom in several stages of Society.

His speech is really inspiring and took place some days ago over the TED Long Beach Conferences, where each speaker was allowed to speak for only 18 minutes.

These are my two cents on what Schwartz says (much better if you can watch the video!)

1) TED is full of briliant people; you don´t have to be brilliant in order to be wise... but if you´re brilliant and not wise, we´re fucked.
2) In some situations we should be able to "break rules". Rules are created to accommodate the most generic of all situations, and we should allow ourselves to evolve, adapt and change these rules to fit to aspects of particular situations.

And I can´t help but going again through the video.

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