domingo, 28 de octubre de 2007

Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 is more than building a blog within a company.
It is more -by far- than a new communication channel for customers or employees.
It is so important that I would -almost- avoid flasy diagrams like the one above.
No time for examining new memes in the trend.

Enterprise 2.0 applications are becoming more than just wikis, blogs, tagging tools, and ajax front-ends. Imagine new networking capabilites in the company, evolving clusters of knowledge, or subtle boundaries you´d never imagined before. It is about designing wisely who has the control of the information, and what to do with it according to your human resources.

So, some questions might arise. Do you know there is risk? Who is sharing the knowlege? Are they asking for reward? Where are the information bottlenecks? If information would flow almost free, no matter IT geeks would do... would you feel comfortable with this fact?

This is not Web 2.0. It has to do with lower number of users, non-flat hierarchies, nothing to do with "showing your real self" or making fun. And I´m sorry about that.

So please, if you read somewhere about someone asking for an Enterprise 2.0 ROI, it´s a complete nonsense.

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