viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2007

Some questions for 2008

We just can´t foresee what will our society look like in coming years. Neither can we assess the real impact of undergoing changes in technology and communication. Probably 2007 will be remembered as the year of x,y,z events we cannot even recognize these days. The year China slow down? The Euro year? The first year weather issues were taken more seriously? Who knows.

All in all we, we do like challenges. As Snark Consulting deals with changes in Marketing and Technology in a Telco and web 2.0 ecosystem (check our last report on the matter), we dare to make our best wishes for the year to come, but with not solemnity at all.

The business in Snark Consulting is to be curious about next changes. The toast we propose here is not made of alcohol but of questions. Do the honours with me, rise your glasses, and ask yourself with curiosity:

  • Do we have enough of walled garden ideas (this web 2.0 gadget with this telco or that exclusive mobile phone)?
  • Is it Google going mobile when their own phones?
  • Are common individuals -mass stream- finally getting familiar with communication breakdown -yes I do like Led Zeppelin, but I´d like to go beyond the song-. Or just new teenagers will handle going indie twittering the whole life?
  • Is web 2.0 going corporate as it seems, or it is just another way of controlling employees ideas and underlying currents within organisation?
  • Is web 2.0 being profitable in 2008, or the last adquistions are a minor bubble -I think not.
  • Are you going to do the usual Christmas spam -I hope not!

No more words. Let´s be prepared for the unexpected, and make your wishes.

2 comentarios:

ariel_perel dijo...

Hola Daniel,
Pasaba a saludar y dejar mis saludos!

Porque no un 2008 de masificación de la Banda Ancha?

Te dejo un nesletter que quizás conozcas...


Daniel Collico Savio dijo...

Hola Ariel

La banda ancha ya está masificada... tal vez faltan los cambios que les den más sabor en PyMEs, tal como hay un Web 2.0 residencial que va derramando en lo móvil y aún en lo corporativo.

Un saludo...