miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

Small hells: dialogs within organizations

A little crowd of five people is gathered in a dark room of a major city in LatAm. The noise coming from the window is almost unbearable. It´s hot; the last slides of a PowerPoint file hovers over the group like a colorful phantom. A certain smell of second-brand coffee gives off some notes of antique procedures. Somehow, all of them deserve a better life.

The speaker voice fades with his last remarks, giving some false tremor notes to his speech and bending his eyebrows as if truth could be gradually adjusted from a lie.

-As you may see, some changes have to be done in the operation of our Back Office. These faults represent about 0,5 million dollars monthly and...
-Why don´t we come back to them and check the info?
-Well... you know -a certain pause, barely looking at the naive interrupter-. If I had a little doubt about these numbers -which happens not to be the case- sure, I would do so. But...
- Precisely. As you are quite sure, we should adress this matter with them. Maybe it´s all about training.
- Ok -but the tone it´s not of Ok-. Training may come later. You can´t do nothing about these results. You´re not supposed to check numbers with them . They are so...
The phantom of the PowerPoint´s last slide move slowly along the ceiling.
-... operative? -said the youngest, smiling-.
- Hmmm. Yes. Operative.

The meeting is over. Vital signs rise in all the members. The small crowd is scattered towards several floors and several lives, all of them equally operative.

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