jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

Firefox 3

Mozilla launched a worldwide crusade. Far from the simple PR buzz of beating a Guiness record, the underlying idea is generate about a million downloads of the brand new software, Firefox 3. Beyond this is the engagement of users all through the world, the competition between users of differente countries and the word of mouth.

In plain words all you have to do is join the idea at Mozilla´s website. So far more than 130 K users have agreed, more than 1K in Argentina. According to Net Applications Firefox is the second preferred browser (18% market share) while Microsoft still holds the number one (75%). There are not third options: monolitic options happens to be in the browser business as well. A memory: Opera was excellent because it fit in a single 31/2 disk, but I liked Netscape. I know, I´m talking about pre-MS Explorer age -which came little after Mesozoic and dinosaurs.

What is interesting here is the idea that web applications or simple HTML pages may look very different according to which browser are you using. This doesn´t happen with other channels of communication. What you see may not be what you get, after all.

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