jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2007

This is what I´ve been trying to say

Areas are proportional to time spent in each representation.

  • Blue (apparently) decaying areas means the real life (hope you have one).
  • Red circles means some intimacy in the webs via blogs, showing only to close friends and relatives your hobbies, thoughts, feelings, whatever. High in youngsters.
  • Green represents the (getting bigger) represents the extension of your professional self in several web2.0 environments. Awfully seen in pros.
  • Funny things, there are brown firewalls dividing who you are and who you are representing to be. A shrink could say a word or two about this.
According to your professional orientation it´s very likely that the green area would swallow the rest. And I would really apreciate comments on this issue, in Spanish or in English.

The point is how much time do we spend in each representation, and if you feel a sort of "splitting in halves" when you show who you are in the web.

(Traducción en Español: creo que por cuestiones de tiempo nuestra personalidad se divide al representar diferentes partes de uno mismo en la web, en función de nuestra edad y de nuestros intereses laborales. Es un tema cuyo debate me interesa mucho).

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